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We’re Saffron Studio, a small Melbourne based studio with a passion for helping businesses grow. Have a look at what we do and contact us, anytime!

What we do


Web Design & Development

Web Design is a focus on the look and feel, the visual component of the website, the first few seconds a potential customer finds your home page or landing page should and will evoke an emotional response.

This is what our Web Design & Development attempts to anticipate with the layout of the site and functionality to allow customers to navigate your site and for search engines to find its way to your message and service offering…


Print Media Design

Hard copy print media is undoubtedly a major component of information distribution and with current changes to the business landscape it challenges us to utilise the resources more effectively and responsibly.

Having a clear understanding of the role that Print Media Design plays in delivering your message, helps us to focus on what will drive your business identity forward, with regards to your brand recognition, continuity and environmental responsibility.


Brand & Business Development

Branding in our experience is about creating an integrated business identity with consistency across all media platforms.

Branding is your name, your products or services and the way to differentiate you from your competition. Making it easier for your customers to identify you is an essential component of the reputation of your business.

So whether you are a start-up or an established SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) business, launching a marketing campaign, we are here to assist you.

Software Architecture Class Diagram

Software Architecture

You might find yourself wanting to build more, something bigger than the average website.

You have a complex project in mind — maybe it’s the next tweetbook, maybe it’s a subscription based online service (SaaS), maybe it’s just an idea.. Or maybe there isn’t an app for it.

Whatever it is, we can help you take it to the next step.

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